The Seraphimé Saga

The Summer Bird (Volume One)

After a devastating raid by the slavers of the eastern Ottalan Empire that cripples her clan, killing the chieftain and his wife, Seraphimé, princess of the Osprey Clan, is left for dead in the snows of her homeland, the Sierran Tundra.
Rescued and then guided by an ancient god who seeks to wake the tundra and rally her nations against the looming Eagle of the Desert, Seraphimé is instructed to strike south for the homeland of the proud and war-like Greyl tribes to seek aid for her beleaguered people.
The terms of that alliance are more than she can bear.
As Seraphimé struggles to choose between her duty and her heart, the Tigil Mstusa plots in the centre of the desert Ottalan Empire.  His raiding party obliterated by a mysterious man and his three black hounds in the tundra, Mtsusa wants revenge and he plans to enact it with the full force of the mighty Ottalan Empire behind him.

Seraphimé must make peace with her fate or risk the destruction of her people, and the god whom she loves.



The Winter Wolf (Volume Two)

War has come.
The desert has invaded.
Under the guidance of Seraphimé, Marshal of the Tundra, and her devoted consort, Bran, the formerly peaceful nations of the tundra, join with their new southern allies to fight back the invading Ottalan army.
But greater plays are in motion.
The ancient spirits of the Sierran and Greyl nations are stirring, returning to the mortal realm to battle against the ruthless god of the desert. Gods and ancestors alike stride from the shadow realms to join the fight against the mighty Desert Eagle.  Ploys are made, strategies shift and alliances change as the armies clash in savage combat.


And within Seraphimé herself, a great, primal power begins to awaken.
The Winter Wolf is the epic final volume of The Seraphimé Saga




I loved this book, the characters are vibrant and full of life. The authors description and story line draws the reader in... bringing everything alive.
- Ken via 

A perfect blend of High Fantasy and Military Fantasy with a great big dollop of Shamanistic Magic... I highly recommend you pick up this book.
 - Éric Desmarais

It was thoroughly refreshing to see a fantasy story that wasn't based on vaguely-European locations/cultures and didn't need orcs/elves/dragons (not that I mind the usual trappings, it's just nice to get something Different.)
The story was great, the characters were realistic and full of life, the dialogue was excellent, and both books had a great flow to them.
 - Robert Dowsett