Sexy, gritty and refreshing.
  - RJ, via

Make no mistakes - these are are old-school vampires - eastern-European origins, horrifying predatory presence, unsettling mind-control, warts and all.
  - Robert Dowsett via Goodreads.

Carrière has combined her keen historian’s mind and romantic soul in creating Aleksandar Svetoslav, a character who demands your attention and then takes you on a darkly compelling journey.
Evan May, author of Easter Pinkerton and the Case of the Heretic Blood

S.M. Carriere masterfully writes this tale in such a way that you cannot simply put it down... In a genre that has been retold many times over centuries, I have to say it's my most favourite vampire book.
 - Susan via

Human is a no-holds barred piece of work.... Ripe with tenacity, bravery, action and, best of all, a return-to-form of the portrayal of the Vampire,
Human is a welcome read for those who still enjoy fangs with their reading entertainment.
  - ​Nick Rossi, via

At the behest of the vampiric Shadow Council, Aleksandar Svetoslav, Prince of his House, moves to America to re-establish their foothold there. It was a territory lost when opportunistic vampire hunters laid waste to the hedonistic House Üstrel. He did not expect to find the assets of House Üstrel in such shambles. 
Nor did he expect that this tedious mission would lead to the beautiful police officer Alicia Wilde, who resurrects feelings in him that he had long thought dead. He certainly did not anticipate her partner, Detective Stephen Brody, who not only knows what Aleksandar is but has vowed revenge on all his kind. 
Things spiral quickly out of control as Aleksandar is drawn into a cat and mouse game with a deranged kidnapper targeting those closest to him. Betrayal draws Aleksandar and Detective Brody together in a frantic battle to save Alicia and the city from a true monster.