The Lioness of Shara Mountain

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Stand Alone Titles

The Dying God & Other Stories

Ethan Cadfael: The Battle Prince

A collection of short stories, illustrations and poems inspired by faeries tales and folklore from the imagination of S.M. Carrière.


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When a young warrior-queen stumbles into the ho-hum capital city of Canada, all hell breaks loose.



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Daughters of Britain

Betrayal draws Aleksandar, Prince of House Svetoslav, and Detective Brody together in a frantic battle to save Alexandar's human lover and the city from a true monster.


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It's life or death both in the arena and out for Mederei and Adalbern as they try to survive and save their people from Rome.

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Half of the royalties from the sale of this book will be going towards re-wilding the Scottish Highlands. Alternatively, you can contribute directly to the grove here.


Sky Road Walker

Maverick Commander Bennejin Skye and his team of infiltrators must turn rogue and ally themselves with alien invaders to save Earth from a greater alien threat.



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Chased by wraiths of dark smoke, without knowledge of the land in which I found myself or memory of my life and purpose, I became embroiled in a perilous quest to restore the throne of a fading Empire.

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Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to The Ottawa Caring and Sharing Exchange, a charity which provides relief and dignity during difficult times of the year.

Series and Tie-Ins

The Seraphimé Saga

The Summer Bird

The Winter Wolf

After a devastating raid by the slavers of the eastern Ottalan Empire that cripples her clan, Seraphimé, princess of the Osprey Clan, is left for dead in the snows of her homeland. Aided by an ancient god, she must make peace with her fate to save the land and the people she loves.

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War has come.

The desert has invaded.

And within Seraphimé, a great, primal power begins to awaken.

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