Sky Road Walker


If you like sword and sorcery this is a great choice... Great book...
 - Éric Desmarais, author via Goodreads

A compelling fantasy story with incredibly well-crafted characters. Brava!
 - Cait Gordon, author via Goodreads

Loved this story from beginning to end.
 - M. Pars via Smashwords.

The Seeker’s Son has taken one,
The Seeker’s Son takes two.
The Seeker’s Son takes another one,
The Seeker’s Son seeks you.
Chased by wraiths of dark smoke, without knowledge of the land in which I found myself or memory of my life and purpose, I became embroiled in a perilous quest to restore the throne of a fading Empire. Little did I know how dangerous a task that would prove to be.
This is my story; the tale of the Sky Road Walker.
Sky Road Walker is the first of the democratically created Your Very Own Adventure books by author S.M. Carrière.

Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to The Ottawa Caring and Sharing Exchange, a charity which provides relief and dignity during difficult times of the year.

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