In Which I Get Domestic

Published on 11 June 2024 at 08:00

Good morning, Readers!

Image by Marcel Dominicfrom Pixabay

This is just a weekend update, as I'm still struggling to write and don't really have writing news. I'm also incredibly exhausted, not having slept well last night. This might be a bit of a messy post.

While I didn't get any writing done, I did manage a few things. I had bought a shelving unit for over the loo last week, and built the thing. It's now holding everything that my teeny sink, bath corners and over-stuffed medicine cabinet. Plus, I think it looks nice. I do need to find a pretty pot to put my spider plant in. It's currently in a green plastic pot and a faded yellow waterproof wrap. I'm thinking of something bright and colourful, like a hand-painted Spanish pot. Because I'm clearly made of money.

I am slowly going through my apartment and changing things up. It's time for that, I think. I'm not allowed to paint, which makes me sad, but I can decorate as I wish. So I'm slowly picking up things to do that. The bathroom was very easy to get done. It really was just that shelf. I could probably do with another couple of plants in there. I think a fern would do well there. A long while ago, I saw that Ikea was selling potted bamboo (real, not plastic), and I think I want a few. But that's for another time, I think. As of now, the bathroom is complete, and I can start looking at redoing my bedroom. Piece by piece, I shall make my apartment my own. Even if I'm not allowed to paint.

Of course, I'm still dreaming of owning my own home, so I can paint or wallpaper as I wish, and am not otherwise constrained by the limitations of renting. Of course, that seems like it will only ever be a dream. Oh well. One thing at a time.

In other domestic news, a friend of mine recently went to Morocco, and returned with a bag of a spice mix called Ras el Hanout. I have never heard of this mix before, and decided to look up a recipe specifically calling for that spice. I came across an easy chicken recipe and made the dish last night. My kitchen smelled delicious. It was part of a meal-prep, so I don't actually get to taste it until tomorrow, but I'm really keen to try it.

I can't imagine this was very interesting for you, but there you have it. My thrilling weekend of domesticity. Not very exciting, but there you have it. Hopefully this week will be a bit more exciting when it comes to writing, and I'll have some real news to share with you all.

Slán go foil!

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